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    Sexy sells but Confidence is Priceless: Meet Sada

    July 12, 2017


    Meet Sada: Urging Women to Own Sexy Underwear and their Insecurities 



    What's the origin and meaning behind Sada? How was the name change received by family and friends and what inspired you to name your brand Sada as well? 


    This is always a funny story to tell; when I made up the name Sada it was originally just for the brand when I first started designing when I was about 12. The name comes from the first two letters of my first name "Sarah" and the first two letters of my last name "Dawson." It also just started to catch on as a nickname that my friends and family started to call me all on their own. I'm very blessed to have come up with a brand name that memorable and catchy. 




    What made you design lingerie specifically and what have you learned so far working within this brand? 


    I discovered I was meant to design lingerie while I was attending FIT. We were assigned to design a lingerie collection with an inspiration of our choice. My inspiration was the Kanye West "Runaway" film. It came so effortlessly and I had never been more proud of my work. When it came time to pick my specialization for the next couple of semesters I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be in the intimate apparel program and I got in. I love the challenge that intimate apparel gives you you have such a small amount of space to create something breathtaking or innovative.



    Aside from my business of custom lingerie through Sada I have also been working for a intimate apparel design and manufacturing company for the past four years which has been such an educational experience for me. There is such a huge difference between doing a custom lingerie piece versus designing a panty that can be mass produced to be sold to everyone at a high speed. I love both spectrum's of the market and the one thing they all share in common is every little detail counts. Being a perfectionist in this kind of industry is crucial and definitely works to your advantage. 





    I love the affirmations you've gotten from family to love the skin your in; in regards to identity building as a Black woman. What advice would you give young girls who don't have the same background and are working through what it means to be a black woman?


    I can never thank my family enough for raising me with so much black pride; and more specifically pride as a black woman. My advice for young girls who are beginning their journey to loving themselves as black women is to know you are a beautiful and priceless work of art. Take the time to look at yourself in the mirror ,not to be vain but to acknowledge all of the beautiful details it took to make you. People work so hard and spend thousands of dollars to get the same features and you were born with it. Every curve of your body, all of the different pigments in your skin, and every curl in your hair among many other things should remind you of your precious natural beauty. Keep friends around you that share the same kind of views of black women and don't settle down with a partner in life that doesn't share the same views as well. We are unique, inspirational and gorgeous.





    What projects are you working on and what should we look forward to?


    The main project I'm working on is opening up my own design studio. I want to give all of my loyal as well as new clients the same experience they have now but on a higher level and bigger space. My clients are amazing and deserve the best. Aside from that I would like to keep on doing collaborations this year with all of the creative people I've met in the past couple of years as well as some of my friends that I've known for years that are pursuing their dreams. I genuinely get excited when I see others doing well and there's nothing more explosive than bouncing creative ideas off of each other. If the vibes are good and creative you can count me in. 



    2017 is the year of ______?

    2017 is the year of realness for me. If it's not real I don't want it. I will only give my time and energy to my real dreams, real friendships, entertain real love, give my real opinion on things. Most importantly I have to always be real with myself. I spent a lot of my life trying to sugarcoat things in all aspects and it's draining. In order to fully enter into this golden era of my life I have to be real and then I can grow even more as person. 




    You have a diverse campaign of models, varying in shapes, skin complexion and size. What does your brand want women to know about being sexy and how can they embrace sexy on their own terms? 


    One of the main things I want women to embrace is confidence. I think women of every shade, size and shape should be aware that they are beautiful and that they should all be confident to throw on a sexy pair of panties. It goes back to the old idea of loving yourself before falling in love with someone. Most women, especially in America think intimate apparel is only for "special occasions" where they want to look sexy for their partner. I'm not against specifically wearing lingerie for that reason, we all do it; but that shouldn't be your only reasoning. Learn to wear it for yourself first. Throw on a sexy lace bra just because you want an extra boost of confidence for the day mentally or physically lol. Lingerie shouldn't be taboo! Also we are a day and age where lingerie is being coordinated with outfits and are being worn as outerwear in a very classy way as well which I think is dope. 








    To check out Sada's collection check out her website click here

    You can find Sada on IG @sadafashions





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