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    No body type left behind: Meet Fatoumata Founder of Noushii Swim

    September 20, 2017



    T: What's the vision behind your new swimwear line? What led you to create this business venture? 


    F: To be honest I didn't have a direct vision I just wanted to design swimsuits that were different, I had a head full of ideas and I wanted to turn those ideas into a collection. I also wanted every lady to be able to fit them which is why on the website it gives you the option to get them custom made.




    T: 2017 is the year of _______?


    F: 2017 is the year of growth. 



    T: What has been the biggest challenge you faced in creating your line? 


    F: Myself. I get in my head allot and I'm so scared of putting myself out there. I've always sewn clothes but doing something like this is completely different. During this whole process I questioned if people would like it, buy it, hate it. But to be honest with you the only opinion that truly mattered was my own. I'm very proud of myself and NOUSHÏÏ is a great collection



    T: You are a huge supporter of your friends hustles! Whether it's posting their work, attending their events, promoting their brand or modeling as a muse you always seem to show love. Where does this stem from and why do you value supporting people in your circle? 


    F: I always believe that you should treat people how you want to be treated and I'm a firm believer in karma. I know I would love the support and I know how much people appreciate a simple shout out. It doesn't cost anything to post something on social media



    T: What's next for you? What can we be on the lookout for?


    F: As of now I'm trying to accomplish allot of personal goals I set for myself, and I'm designing a full collection for NOUSHÏÏ swim. Available now for purchase. 



    T: Woman to woman, what sentiments do you want to share to the ladies out there?


    F: Learn to love and motivate yourself.  I follow inspirational pages and get daily verses sent to my phone.  I feel as women we don't praise ourselves enough.  I'm guilty of that. I look for validation in others , I second guess myself and I doubt my potential. Just have faith in yourselves, trust the process, and never forget God.


    To Stay in the loop: 


    Shop: Noushii.com 

    Instagram: @teawithafricans





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