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    A Twisted Dark Tragedy


    Q: Being from the DMV do you feel like your music unites the different areas or do you feel like your target audience is Baltimore? 


    T: It's funny that you asked me that because I've always been told that I have a universal sound. It’s not your typical Baltimore sound but my stories come from my upbringings in a city that I love. I'm able to appeal to both markets. 


    Q: You’re a self-proclaimed 'Tragic Genius' what experiences have brought you to say that?


    T: Once I dropped my second mixtape I got the 'Tragic Genius' label but it wasn't until I dropped my third mixtape 'The Tragic Introduction' that I started calling myself that. They call me a 'Tragic Genius' because I make genius pieces but the inspiration comes from a tragic place.

    Q: When can we expect the Cream Soda sponsorship and why is Cream Soda the title of this project? What do you mean by “Taking the Cream Worldwide”?


    T: When I created the project getting a sponsorship was never a thought (but I'm not opposed to it now). I did it based off what I saw when I looked at the bottle itself. I named the album 'Cream Soda' because I had a vision while I was in the studio. I kept looking at the bottle and my imagination just took over. I envisioned the bottle as woman. I thought it would be dope if I could create a album based off the soda bottle. 


    Q: It seems now more than ever artists from the DMV are aligning to produce music as you saw with Gold Link’s platinum song Crew with Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy. Are there artists from the area you’d love to collaborate with on a track that you haven’t already? 


    T: It's a few artist that I’m looking forward to working with in the DMV in the future such as Lonnie Moore, Greenspan, BetterThanBibby, Alex Vaughn, and Joy Postell.


    Q: What can we expect next? Visuals, projects, shows?


    T: Right now I’m focusing on the promotion of Cream Soda. I have visuals dropping for most of the tracks that’s on the album. We are working on a Cream Soda tour right now. 


    Q: Is there a single from your album that you're pushing for traction? 


    T: Groove Witcha is the single for the album. We shot the video for the song and it will be releasing soon. 

    To keep up with whats to come stay connected below: 


    Spoify: Tragedy 

    Apple Music: Cream Soda 


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