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    Make Lacoste Lit Again: Meet SoDuh


    T: From projects such as Platinum, 3 Seasons and solo projects such as Soso you've had dope visuals. Many artists struggle with that aspect of marketing. How have you been able to be so creatively clout-y?


    S: I honestly i just stick to what I know and try to put my real life situations into these visuals, it really starts with the vibe of the song and because its so authentic I'm fluent with ideas. Kinda like catching a crocodile ya feelz me. I am the Crocodile Dundee in the flesh. 


    T: You fuck with Lacoste heavy. The last rapper to fuck with Lacoste on the same degree was Kanye. What do you want Felipe Oliveria Baptista to know if you could have a sit down with him?


    S: I have so many reason to fuck with Lacoste but one of the main reasons is that Lacoste represents Baltimore. It represents the trap on a good weekday when I was young running round on dope strips chasing that bag at 15/16  years old wearing a whole Lacoste set was a big deal. It symbolized that you was getting a couple dollars. Just picture a 14 year old running around in a $250 sweat suit that he bought himself. But I've been reaching out to Felipe O. for a couple years that nigga be seeing my Dm's...he not slick. But one thing I would tell him is he's sick, the whole runway aesthetic has been off the wall since he joined the team. He putting on for Portugal. 




    T: "Make Lacoste Lit Again" Imma get you a tee that says this lol. But how would you describe your style? Would you consider yourself preppy?


    S: I'm going to hold you to that too haha. But I don't know how to describe my style I guess its honestly how I feel that day. Sometimes I feel like a coach sometimes I might feel like one of the players, and most days I feel like both so it can get mixxy.


    T: As a DMV rapper if you could remix Crew who would be on the track with you? 


    S: I wouldn’t remix that song I'd definitely remix “Xtra” by Chaz french I'd put Icce and Jussa  friend. 


    T: What projects do you have coming up? You just dropped a visual for 'I'm with A.R' can you talk about that? 


    S: I  have a solo project about to drop titled "The Crocodile" it'll be 9 songs. I  can't wait for people to hear it. It only has two features and the rest is just me doing me.


    T:  You've been making music for a minute now. What's something that will never change no matter how successful you are?


    S: I learned in this business its a lot easier on yourself being you and surrounding yourself with the people that know you the best so that they can check you when you wrong, one thing I wouldn't change is the people around me. 

    To check out more of SoDuh's music you can find him on:


    IG: @soduh

    Apple Music/Spotify/SoundCloud  



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