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    #Women2WorkWith: Siria Alvarez

    May 20, 2018

    This is the first of many series to come: Siria Alvarez is a blogger, photographer, event planner and overall BOSS. I'd like to share light on the many different talents she has in hopes that she is one of the many  #Women2WorkWith. All photos are from her last event: The Entrepreneurs Day Party. 




    1, As a woman who wears many hats; photographer, blogger, event planner how do you balance your interests and manage to execute quality work? 


    In terms of balancing my interests, I'm a crazed multi-tasker. i'm really passionate about various things and feel that it's my calling to create and be of service for a unifying cause. It's a gift and a curse because I can really stress myself out but the process is generally enjoyable and the end result or lesson is always rewarding. Once I've started something, I don't plan on turning back.  I practice scheduling and self-discipline to get through executing my ideas. It took some time but I think I am always learning. I also tend to be really hard on myself so I go back and review things I created and note how I could have did it differently next time. When that time comes around, I try to make sure to always apply that the next time around. I believe that you should always do what you say and if you can follow through for others, you should definitely know how to follow through with your promises to yourself.




    2. I recently attended your Entrepreneurs Day Event! Which really broke down the stigmas associated with networking by making connecting fun! What went into the brainstorming of this event and what did you love about hosting it? 


    The idea for The Entrepreneurs Day Party came to me after experiencing discrimination at a popular international co-working company. I went looking and found a new space to host my events. I instantly fell in love with it's  "living room" vibe. I thought it a comfortable space for fellow entrepreneurs to get together in a relaxed and homelike setting. The idea for the Conversation Cards, which were cards placed around the venue with business questions on them were for the purpose of a sort of "ice-breaker". I know from experience that walking into a room where you may not know anyone could be a little difficult to navigate especially if you're not a completely extroverted or talkative person. My focus was largely on the guests' comfort. I have a vast network of friends, colleagues and acquaintances who are entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners in general and I think it's important to promote your people. If we take turns uplifting one another we can get closer to our goals, to advancement -- not simply individually but as a community. 


    What I loved about hosting The Entrepreneurs Day Party was seeing everyone enjoy themselves and make genuine connections. One would have thought that everyone in the room knew each other before this. There was a small table with the business cards of the 5 sponsors I obtained for the event. By the end of the day it was filled with double that amount. I already have started seeing some of my attendees complimenting the work of one another on social media so it's safe to say that the goal of support exchange was accomplished.



    3. Do you see Entrepreneurs Day Party being a series or will there be more events like this coming up? 


    I planned The Entrepreneur's Day Party to be a one time thing but after so many of the attendees asked when the next one would be, I am definitely considering making it a recurring event. 







    4. You have a workshop coming up this week! Tell us about it?


    On Thursday,May 24th I am hosting a Social Media Entrenpreuner Workshop. This is now apart of a weekly series of workshops which cover and focus on different strengths needed to improve one's social media branding visuals (Including videography, photography and blogging). These are held every Thursday of this month from 6pm until 8pm in Harlem. For more info click here.


    5. As a #Women2WorkWith what do you want people to know about you? How can they connect with you and on what types of projects are you most interested collaborating on? 


    Firstly, thank you for choosing me to be apart of your #Women2WorkWith blog feature. I really appreciate that! Something I'd like people to know about me is that I am humble, approachable and always willing to help how I can. I am available for Sponsored Posts, Speaking engagements and more.  Upcoming projects for me are new workshops and collaborations, a Photo Walk, and a potential Entrepreneur's Day Party Part 2. To connect with me, you can visit my website www.siriaalvarez.com or Instagram @siria.alvarez



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